Danice Carlson-Malena

Danice has about 15 years in Youth Ministry – first in the context of Canadian Baptist churches, and more recently (since coming out as queer and marrying her favourite redhead) with LGBTQ+ youth across the country. She loves reading stories through a queer lens, throwing dance parties, and meeting thoughtful youth who have questions and ideas about life, faith, sexuality, and BeyoncĂ© (among other things). She is currently living in Vancouver and working for Generous Space Ministries.

Workshop description:
Queering our Faith Stories
How are we supposed to engage with a book that has been used to oppress the queer community for so long? This workshop will be about de-weaponizing Scripture while reclaiming its stories by learning to find ourselves represented within them. This workshop will be particularly geared to younger people (Youth, Gen Z, Millenials) with a curiosity to explore the overlap between the Bible and queer folks.