Dr. Chris Mann

Dr. Vhris MannDr Chris Mann

Chris  is a Council Member of Affirm United, a justice-oriented organization of people from within The United Church of Canada. AU/SE works for the full inclusion of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in The United Church of Canada and in society. Chris will be representing Affirm United at the conference and the pre-conference session Friday afternoon for church leaders.

Trained as a certified Spiritual Director through the Pacific Jubilee Program, Chris welcomes opportunities to be a companion to soul-seekers and spiritual travelers through deep listening, prayer, guided meditation, poetry, music, sound healing, movement and art. With a doctorate in educational leadership and brain research and a career of teaching and public school leadership, Chris brings her heart and insights to the respectful and contemplative role of soul companion. Chris delights in accompanying individuals who want to pursue deeper questions about life’s meaning, and to explore ways to find spirit and universal love in everything. How can our spiritual practices grow and expand? How do we live with a joyful heart in this troubled world?