Gregg Taylor

gregg-taylor.-purplej.-purpleGregg Taylor, Registered Clinical Counsellor, SpiritPride Conference Committee Chair

Gregg grew up in a relatively open and inclusive church and home family. However in his 20’s, Gregg joined a conservative Christian church during a period of uncertainty and personal crisis as he came to face and admit to his homosexual feelings. Being exposed to fundamentalist Bible teaching, combined with the shame of a concurrent addiction to sex and alcohol, served to reinforced his internalized homophobia and rejection of his sexual identity. After long-term involvement in two ex-gay ministries, Gregg reached a turning point where he could no longer deny the truth if his identity. Gregg is now a co-leader of The Word is Out LGBT Spirituality group and provides gay affirmative counselling to LGBT clients. Gregg authored the counsellor resource Straight Talk on Counselling Gay Clients: A Resource for Straight Counsellor working with Gay Clients, and tells his story of authenticity, vulnerability and coming out in the book The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.

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