Kathy Baldock

Spirit Pride, Vancouver, BCKathy Baldock, author, LGBT advocate, international speaker and educator, and Executive Director of CanyonWalker Connections, is a leading expert on LGBT issues, especially dealing with historical and current discrimination faced within the church, communities of faith, and political sectors.

Her 2014 book, Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community, and accompanying “Untangling the Mess” presentations, blog, podcast, and videos, piece together the history behind LGBT persecution in the church and the need for Christians and church leaders to become better educated in order to properly engage members of the LGBT community. Kathy’s heavily researched, accessible, informational approach helps people understand the LGBT community’s modern plight in terms of how threads of culture, medicine, psychoanalysis, law, science, religion, and politics have contributed to our understanding of this group of people.

Kathy currently travels across the U.S. and internationally, speaking in venues from churches to university campuses to non-profit organizations, sharing the eye-opening findings of her research in presentations called “Untangling the Mess”. She engages with a visual timeline in ways that help audience members identify, assimilate, and retain information that will help them overcome both obvious and hidden cultural biases that have led to the marginalization of LGBT people today.


“Kathy’s writing and presentation style is quite unique in that while she’s bold, unapologetic, and commanding, she simultaneously disarms you. Kathy proves constantly that this work is solely a labor of justice and love.” Anonymous, Workshop Participant

“Kathy’s seminar has changed my whole understanding of the history of the North American Church, politics, and the LGBT community.  Her precise way of cutting through the lies, mistruths, and ignorance of the general population regarding this information is transformative.  I walked away with a better understanding of what society has said about LGBT persons versus what God has said about LGBT persons.  This understanding gave me freedom of faith, an acceptance of my own sexuality, and cultivated healing and wholeness in my life.” Alysa, Workshop Participant